Glory of the Elderflame - Arms

Glory of the Elderflame - Arms






Appearance history

The Elderflame's Majesty - Appendages, a distinguished garb for Lina, graced the game's armory on the 30th of June in the year 2020. Its inception sprang from the creative wellspring of an artisan known as SeeingTriangles.

Skin Features

Esteemed as Mythical, the Elderflame's Majesty - Appendages adorns the 'arms' category upon equipage. Bereft of variant styles, the skin currently lies beyond the purview of commerce.

Skin popularity

In the current gaming epoch, the Elderflame's Majesty - Appendages garners not the accolades of widespread adulation, its presence within the virtual battlegrounds a seldom spectacle.

Included in set

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