Hat of the Windward Rogue

Hat of the Windward Rogue






Appearance history

The 'Hat of the Windward Rogue' serves as a distinctive garb for the Pangolier, having been woven into the fabric of the game on the ides of May in 2019. Its conception sprang from the imaginative wellspring of an artisan known as Yestar.

Skin Features

This mythical adornment, known as the 'Hat of the Windward Rogue', claims its residence upon the head slot when donned. Bereft of variegated styles, the piece currently dwells in the realm of the untradable.

Skin popularity

In the current chronicle of favored armaments, the 'Hat of the Windward Rogue' finds itself absent, its presence within the game's tapestry a rare spectacle indeed.

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