Appearance history

The scarcity of the Fishing Halberd is denoted as Rare. Presently, this artifact is procurable for bartering.

Skin Features

The Fishing Halberd serves as an aesthetic for Phantom Lancer. This embellishment was integrated into the realm of the game on an unverified date, courtesy of the artisan known as Piersu-Chan.

Skin popularity

Given its recent introduction to the virtual domain, the Fishing Halberd enjoys a burgeoning vogue among the gaming fellowship.

Relevant Prices for Fishing Halberd

Relevant prices for skin on vpesports are listed below.

Current price
$ 0.01

Other sets for Phantom lancer

29 Total: 10 Common, 1 Immortal, 10 Rare, 6 Uncommon, 2 Mythical