Bogmarch Charm

Bogmarch Charm








Appearance history

Enshrouded in enigma, the Bogmarch Charm serves as a cosmetic embellishment for the enchanter known as Shadow Shaman. This particular epidermis made its debut in the digital theatre on the ides of May, in the year 2019, a creation sprung from the mind of an artisan named Pernach.

Skin Features

Esteemed as a collectible of Rare classification, the Bogmarch Charm boasts no mutable styles. As of the present juncture, this item finds itself ensconced in the marketplace, available for barter and exchange.

Skin popularity

In the current epoch, the Bogmarch Charm languishes in obscurity, absent from the roster of coveted skins and seldom witnessed in the virtual clashes of the game.

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