Red Sands Marauder - Weapon

Red Sands Marauder - Weapon






Appearance history

Bearing the title of Red Sands Marauder, this armament serves as an extension of Shadow Shaman's arsenal. Its genesis within the digital confines occurred on the 21st of July in the year 2021, a creation forged by the hands of an artisan known as Yestar™.

Skin Features

This Mythical tier adornment, known as the Red Sands Marauder - Weapon, nestles itself within the 'weapon' category upon equipage. Devoid of variant styles, the piece currently eludes the grasp of commerce, remaining unattainable for exchange or trade.

Skin popularity

In the current epoch, the Red Sands Marauder - Weapon garners little attention amidst the pantheon of in-game embellishments, its presence a whisper rather than a shout within the gaming milieu.

Included in set

Red Sands Marauder - Weapon is a part of a set

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