Eyriebound Imperator - Back

Eyriebound Imperator - Back






Appearance history

The Eyriebound Imperator - Back, a majestic attire for the Skywrath Mage, graced the virtual empyrean of the game on the 21st of July, 2021. Its inception is credited to the illustrious style_d.

Skin Features

Draped in the mythical rarity, the Eyriebound Imperator - Back adorns the 'back' slot of its bearer without the versatility of alternative styles. Presently, this item is ensnared in the realm of non-tradeability.

Skin popularity

In the current gaming epoch, the Eyriebound Imperator - Back finds itself shrouded in obscurity, seldom witnessed amidst the clamor and clash of the game's arena.

Included in set

Eyriebound Imperator - Back is a part of a set

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