Secrets of the Celestial

Secrets of the Celestial






Appearance history

Enshrouded in the enigma of the firmament, the 'Secrets of the Celestial' garb for Skywrath Mage was bestowed upon the realm of the game on the fourteenth day of August in the year 2020. Its inception is the handiwork of an artisan known as Zipfinator.

Skin Features

This garb, 'Secrets of the Celestial,' is categorized under the Mythical tier. Devoid of variant styles, the attire currently eludes the grasp of commerce, rendering it unattainable for exchange.

Skin popularity

In the current chronicles of the game, 'Secrets of the Celestial' finds itself absent from the annals of sought-after skins, its presence within the battlegrounds a rare spectacle indeed.

Other sets for Skywrath mage

16 Total: 5 Mythical, 10 Rare, 1 Uncommon