★ Survival Knife | Vanilla

★ Survival Knife | Vanilla

Class of skin

Wear limits

Inspection of skin in CS 2

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Description of Vanilla

Appearance history

The inception of the Survival Knife | Vanilla (henceforth Survival Vanilla) occurred on the 18th of November, 2019. It emerged as a constituent of The Shattered Web Case, concomitant with the commencement of Operation Shattered Web.

Pattern description

Devoid of any ornamental pattern, the Survival Knife | Vanilla presents an unadorned countenance, with both blade and grip remaining unpainted.

Effect of float

The Float Value for the Survival Knife | Vanilla oscillates between 0.06 and 0.80, yet this metric bears no influence upon the weapon's aesthetic.

Pattern difference

Variations in pattern index hold no sway over the visual essence of the Survival Knife | Vanilla.

Skin Features

The Survival Knife | Vanilla boasts the Covert quality tier. An option for StatTrak technology is available, enhancing its allure.

Skin popularity

Currently, the Survival Knife | Vanilla languishes outside the echelons of prevalent skins and is an infrequent spectacle within the game.

Relevant Prices for ★ Survival Knife

Relevant prices for Vanilla skin on vpesports are listed below.

Current price
$ 278.34
★ StatTrak™
$ 246.13


Fracture Case

17 Total: 3 Covert, 4 Classified, 6 Restricted, 8 Mil Spec