SG 553 | Ol' Rusty

SG 553 | Ol' Rusty

The Fracture Collection

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Description of Ol' Rusty

Appearance history

Inaugurated into the virtual armory on the seventh of August, 2020, SG 553 | Ol’ Rusty made its debut as an element of The Fracture Collection. This collection unfurled in tandem with the 'On the Case' update, with its genesis attributed to the collaborative efforts of artisans Ertz and Sir Kibbleknight.

Pattern description

Adorning the rifle's central segment, magazine, and optical enhancer is a lustrous argent coating, harmoniously juxtaposed with an imitation of ferrous oxidation marks. Encased in a hue reminiscent of copper, the handguard, buttstock, and sundry components exude an industrial charm. A vermilion inscription, christened 'Ol’ Rusty', graces the receiver, while the grip boasts a pragmatic embellishment of adhesive binding.

Effect of float

The SG 553 | Ol’ Rusty's Float Value oscillates between the nadir of 0.00 and the zenith of 0.70, ensuring its availability across the spectrum of conditions. The weapon's integument remains unmarred by scratches or abrasions. In proximity to the apogee of wear, the rifle dons a patina sheath, casting a notably duskier shade over its visage.

Pattern difference

The visual essence of the skin remains unaltered by the whims of pattern indices.

Skin Features

The SG 553 | Ol’ Rusty is classified as Mil-Spec Grade, with the additional boon of a StatTrak variant for the aficionados of quantified success.

Skin popularity

Currently, the SG 553 | Ol’ Rusty garners a median level of acclaim amongst connoisseurs.

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Factory New
Minimal Wear
$ 0.18
$ 0.09
$ 0.05
$ 0.04
$ 0.05
★ StatTrak™
$ 0.65
$ 0.26
$ 0.11
$ 0.10
$ 0.10


Fracture Case

17 Total: 3 Covert, 4 Classified, 6 Restricted, 8 Mil Spec