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Here you can see the skin AWP | Acheron, select weapon quality and float.

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Description of Acheron

Appearance history

On the 3rd of September, 2018, the AWP | Acheron emerged into the virtual armory as part of The 2018 Nuke Collection. This addition coincided with the unveiling of the 'FACEIT 2018 - Ways to Watch' update.

Pattern description

Embellishing the firearm's chassis, a tapestry of crania, each emblazoned with the ominous symbol of radiological peril upon their brows, unfolds. The canvas is a mottled tapestry of beige and slate, interspersed with the haphazard placement of skeletal remnants. The barrel, optical enhancer, and the posterior segment of the stock remain untouched by the artist's palette.

Effect of float

The AWP | Acheron's Float Value oscillates between 0.00 and 0.83, ensuring its availability across the spectrum of conditions. Notably, the stock and handguard begin to exhibit signs of wear even when in pristine Factory New condition. As the wear escalates towards its zenith, the veneer of paint is all but eradicated.

Pattern difference

The distinctiveness of the AWP | Acheron is partly determined by the pattern index, which dictates the quantity and arrangement of crania upon the rifle's form.

Skin Features

The AWP | Acheron boasts a Mil-Spec Grade quality and offers collectors the chance to acquire a souvenir variant.

Skin popularity

Presently, the AWP | Acheron enjoys a reputation of moderate acclaim amongst enthusiasts.

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Relevant Prices for AWP

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Factory New
Minimal Wear
$ 1.90
$ 0.85
$ 0.45
$ 0.77
$ 0.37
$ 56.55
$ 12.42
$ 6.59
$ 12.12
$ 6.54


Antwerp 2022 Nuke Souvenir Package

18 Total: 3 Classified, 4 Restricted, 5 Mil Spec, 5 Industrial Grade, 6 Consumer Grade