Desert Eagle | Emerald Jörmungandr

Desert Eagle | Emerald Jörmungandr

The Norse Collection

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Description of Emerald Jörmungandr

Appearance history

The Desert Eagle | Emerald Jörmungandr graced the game's arsenal on the 18th of November, 2019, emerging as part of The Norse Collection in tandem with the commencement of Operation Shattered Web.

Pattern description

Inspired by the Scandinavian mythos of the World Serpent, Jörmungandr, the skin's design features a verdant tapestry of sinuous, wavy lines that evoke the serpent's form, accented with ashen Old Norse motifs. This intricate pattern is rendered in metallic hues.

Effect of float

The skin's Float Value spans from a pristine 0.00 to a worn 0.50, ensuring the Desert Eagle | Emerald Jörmungandr's availability in a spectrum of conditions. Notably, the weapon's surface begins to show minute signs of wear even in its Factory New state. As wear escalates towards its zenith, the weapon bears pronounced abrasions, and the residual paint grows discernibly dimmer.

Pattern difference

In this instance, the pattern index does not influence the emergence of rare or extraordinary pattern variations; such deviations are non-existent.

Skin Features

Classified as Restricted in quality, the Desert Eagle | Emerald Jörmungandr lacks both the option for a StatTrak counter and the possibility of a souvenir variant.

Skin popularity

Presently, the Desert Eagle | Emerald Jörmungandr enjoys a status of moderate acclaim amongst enthusiasts.

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Relevant Prices for Desert Eagle

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Factory New
Minimal Wear
$ 364.08
$ 341.45
$ 309.35
$ 221.33
$ 169.17


18 Total: 2 Covert, 2 Classified, 4 Restricted, 5 Mil Spec, 5 Industrial Grade, 6 Consumer Grade