MP7 | Mischief

MP7 | Mischief

The Prisma Collection

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Description of Mischief

Appearance history

The MP7 | Mischief infiltrated the collective arsenal of CS:GO enthusiasts on the ides of March 2019, materializing amidst the unveiling of The Prisma Collection. This ensemble of armaments arrived in tandem with the luminescent 'Seeing the Light' update, courtesy of the creative virtuoso Estavos.

Pattern description

Clad in a brooding crimson hue, the receiver and magazine of the MP7 | Mischief exhibit an asymmetrical application of color. The receiver boasts a monochromatic tableau depicting a sardonic beast's smirk, rendered in bold strokes. Meanwhile, the barrel shimmers with a gradient that transitions from amethyst to argent. The grips, buttstock, and select components retain their original, unadorned state.

Effect of float

The MP7 | Mischief's Float Value oscillates between 0.10 and 1.00, ensuring its presence across a spectrum of conditions, with the sole exception of Factory New. Even at the threshold of Minimal Wear, the weapon's surface reveals the inception of scratches and abrasions. As the wear approaches its zenith, these blemishes proliferate, both in magnitude and quantity, casting a shadow over the skin's vibrancy.

Pattern difference

Regardless of its pattern index, the visage of the MP7 | Mischief remains unaltered, steadfast in its design.

Skin Features

The MP7 | Mischief is designated as Mil-Spec Grade, with the additional allure of a StatTrak variant for the arithmomania-afflicted marksman.

Skin popularity

Currently, the MP7 | Mischief garners a median level of adulation amongst the pantheon of CS:GO skins.

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Relevant Prices for MP7

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Minimal Wear
$ 0.39
$ 0.11
$ 0.09
$ 0.08
★ StatTrak™
$ 1.57
$ 0.27
$ 0.23
$ 0.19


Prisma Case

17 Total: 3 Covert, 4 Classified, 6 Restricted, 8 Mil Spec