P2000 | Silver

P2000 | Silver

The Office Collection

Class of skin

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Inspection of skin in CS 2

Here you can see the skin P2000 | Silver, select weapon quality and float.

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Description of Silver

Appearance history

On the 14th of August, 2013, the P2000 | Silver emerged within the digital armory of the game, coinciding with the advent of 'The Office Collection' and the significant 'The Arms Deal' update.

Pattern description

Adorned with a lustrous coating of argent paint, the P2000 | Silver boasts a sleek design, sparing its minute components from the metallic sheen.

Effect of float

The weapon's Float Value oscillates between 0.00 and 0.08, restricting its condition to Factory New and Minimal Wear. In its pristine state, the P2000 | Silver already exhibits negligible marks of wear. As the Float Value approaches its zenith, these blemishes marginally proliferate.

Pattern difference

Variations in pattern indices do not influence the P2000 | Silver's visual essence.

Skin Features

Classified as Mil-Spec Grade, the P2000 | Silver eschews the StatTrak feature and lacks the option for a souvenir variant. It is a member of the esteemed 'Silver' series.

Skin popularity

Currently, the P2000 | Silver does not enjoy widespread acclaim and is an infrequent sight within the game's milieu.

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Relevant Prices for P2000

Check out the P2000 Silver weapon price chart. Select weapon quality, StatTrak, Souvenir below:

Factory New
Minimal Wear
$ 41.03
$ 13.38


6 Total: 3 Mil Spec, 4 Industrial Grade, 2 Consumer Grade