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Description of Brass

Appearance history

The Tec-9 | Brass made its debut in the virtual armory on the 14th of August, 2013, as a constituent of The Inferno Collection, unveiled in tandem with the advent of 'The Arms Deal' update.

Pattern description

Crafted from brass, the receiver is enveloped in a patina sheath. The weapon's remaining sections remain devoid of coloration.

Effect of float

The skin's Float Value spans from the pristine 0.00 to a well-worn 1.00, ensuring the Tec-9 | Brass's availability across the spectrum of conditions. The firearm's exterior remains unmarred by scratches or abrasions. As wear inclines towards its zenith, the patina coating adopts a more somber hue.

Pattern difference

Variations in the pattern index exert no influence on the skin's visual essence.

Skin Features

The Tec-9 | Brass is classified as Mil-Spec Grade in quality. It boasts the option for a souvenir variant and is a member of the esteemed 'Brass' series.

Skin popularity

Currently, the Tec-9 | Brass does not enjoy widespread acclaim among the pantheon of skins, its presence in the game is somewhat of a rarity.

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Relevant Prices for Tec-9

Check out the Tec-9 Brass weapon price chart. Select weapon quality, StatTrak, Souvenir below:

Factory New
Minimal Wear
$ 61.72
$ 12.72
$ 4.01
$ 2.26
$ 2.73
$ 20.57
$ 31.42
$ 18.69
$ 14.98
$ 17.19


Berlin 2019 Inferno Souvenir Package

6 Total: 3 Industrial Grade, 3 Mil Spec, 3 Consumer Grade