Trappings of the Old-Timers

Trappings of the Old-Timers






Appearance history

Garb of the Antiquarians, a distinctive cosmetic ensemble for Bounty Hunter, was introduced into the virtual milieu on the 11th of May, 2020. Its inception is attributed to the artisan known as Hunter.

Skin Features

The Trappings of the Old-Timers, ensconced in the realm of the Mythical, boasts a singular alternative guise. Presently, this artifact eludes the grasp of commerce, remaining unattainable for exchange.

Skin popularity

In the current epoch, the Trappings of the Old-Timers finds itself absent from the echelons of coveted skins, its presence within the game a rarity, seldom witnessed by the gaming confraternity.

Other sets for Bounty hunter

19 Total: 6 Mythical, 10 Rare, 2 Common, 1 Uncommon