Appearance history

The 'Hunter with No Name' possesses the classification of Rare, occupying the 'Bundle' niche upon equipping. Presently, this artifact is procurable for exchange.

Skin Features

Adorning the Bounty Hunter, 'Hunter with No Name' is a dermal enhancement that made its debut in the digital armory on the 28th of May, 2014, the brainchild of BigTuna.

Skin popularity

Having been a recent addition to the virtual battlegrounds, 'Hunter with No Name' garners considerable esteem amongst the gaming syndicate.

Relevant Prices for Hunter with No Name

Relevant prices for skin on vpesports are listed below.

Cape of the Hunter
Pistol Blade of the Hunter
Rifle Blade of the Hunter
Shuriken of the Hunter
Hat of the Hunter
Armor of the Hunter
$ 0.01
$ 0.01
$ 0.01
$ 0.01
$ 0.02
$ 0.00

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