Earth Spirit

Earth Spirit






Character description

Earth Spirit, a combatant of melee orientation, epitomizes physical robustness as his quintessential attribute. Predominantly, this stalwart is enlisted for his support capabilities, excelling in the tumultuous phases of the early and mid-game.

Role description

Armed with a repertoire of mystical abilities, Earth Spirit emerges as both a formidable ally and a fearsome adversary. In the heat of battle, he can conjure Stone Remnants, which harmonize with his powers. His Boulder Smash can displace foes or impede their advance. Roiling Boulder bestows upon him the power to traverse great lengths, surmounting barriers and incapacitating his targets. Geomagnetic Grip imposes silence upon his adversaries. His Magnetize skill proves invaluable during collective skirmishes, capable of influencing the tide of battle for an extended duration. The acquisition of Aghanim's Scepter bestows upon him the Enchant Remnant skill, a strategic boon allowing him to safeguard an ally or incapacitate a foe. Aghanim's Shard enhances his agility and provides a crucial, albeit modest, expansion of his vision over a designated vicinity.

Character lore

In the bosom of sacred jade, artisans sculpted the effigy of the venerable general Kaolin, entombing it atop a legion of stone warriors, ten thousand in number. Unbeknownst to these masons was the essence of Terra itself, coursing through the jade's mysterious veins, which breathed life into the effigy. Now, the reborn Kaolin champions the cause of Terra's spirit.