Character description

Pangolier brandishes his blade in melee combat with dexterity as his chief attribute. Predominantly, he is chosen to fortify the hardlane, exhibiting his prowess in the nascent and median phases of the skirmish.

Role description

This combatant boasts an arsenal of skills pivotal in collective confrontations. Lucky Shot, a debilitation, renders a foe impotent, stripping them of their combat prowess. This skill synergizes impeccably with Swashbuckle, a sweeping attack that enfeebles a multitude of adversaries. Amidst a throng of foes, Shield Crash enables Pangolier to eschew a significant quantum of hostile force. The augmentation bestowed by Aghanim's Scepter exponentially enhances his combative output, sustaining his efficacy throughout the entirety of the fray. Rolling Thunder serves as a prelude to engagement, excelling in constricted corridors and obstacle-laden arenas, permitting the hero to subjugate several opponents simultaneously. The addition of Aghanim's Shard endows Pangolier with Roll Up, an ability that affords him unparalleled endurance against the most dire of predicaments.

Character lore

“A life brimming with venturesome pursuits is the sole life that holds any allure,” so the chronicles of Donté Panlin's daring escapades continue to astonish even the most indulgent rapscallions. He is undaunted by any beast that needs vanquishing. No entity too enchanting to charm. No despot escapes his defiance. And not a single aristocrat can resist the allure of his eloquent persuasions.



Offhand Weapons