Queen of Pain

Queen of Pain






Character description

Sovereign of Agony reigns as a distanced combatant, with intellect as her chief attribute. Predominantly, she is chosen to command the middle battleground. Her prowess shines brightest in the initial and intermediate phases of conflict.

Role description

Akasha, the Queen of Pain, boasts considerable agility on the battlefield, courtesy of her Blink talent, which empowers her to spearhead assaults or evade pursuers. The acquisition of Aghanim's Shard augments this skill with collateral damage. During the initial contest for dominance, her Shadow Strike proves to be an invaluable tool, hampering adversaries' efforts to accrue wealth from lesser beings. Her Scream of Pain is a versatile force, enabling her to harvest the forest's bounty and unleash havoc in collective skirmishes. When harmonized with Sonic Wave, a skill that ascends in lethality with Aghanim's Scepter, it transforms into an instrument of even greater devastation.

Character lore

In a desperate bid for power, the monarch entreated the shackled masters of the dark arts, offering liberation to the summoner who could conjure a personal fiend of anguish and ensnare it under his yoke. Thus was Akasha wrenched into our realm. She bestowed upon the king exquisite torments, yet as the populace rose in defiance, the sovereign met his demise, and with it, Queen of Pain was unleashed, free to inflict her malevolence upon any soul she deemed worthy of her attention.