Appearance history

The Dagger of Anguish, a collectible of mundane rarity, is presently accessible for acquisition and exchange.

Skin Features

The Queen of Pain's armament, known as the Dagger of Anguish, was integrated into the realm of the game on the ides of July in the year 2013, its inception attributed to the artisan known as CTaKaH_MoJIoKa.

Skin popularity

Having been introduced to the virtual cosmos not long ago, the Dagger of Anguish enjoys a burgeoning vogue amongst the assembly of gamers.

Relevant Prices for Dagger of Anguish

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$ 0.01

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Other sets for Queen of pain

19 Total: 1 Arcana, 7 Common, 2 Immortal, 4 Uncommon, 3 Rare, 2 Mythical