Shadow Shaman

Shadow Shaman






Character description

Shadow Shaman emerges as a character wielding arcane forces from a distance, with intelligence as his guiding attribute. Predominantly, he is chosen for his supportive prowess, showcasing his strengths during the initial and median phases of the skirmish.

Role description

Shadow Shaman stands as a formidable comrade, armed with an arsenal of ensnaring incantations. His Hex, in tandem with Shackles, can render adversaries powerless for an extended duration, a tactic that proves pivotal as the contest draws to a close. During the early exchanges, Ether Shock permits the sorcerer to claim the soul of a distant minion or vex a rival champion. Enhancing this spell empowers the hero to exert greater pressure on the battlefield. The Mass Serpent Wards, a formidable ability in both collective clashes and the siege of enemy bastions, grows exponentially in might when augmented by Aghanim's Scepter, particularly against formidable congregations of foes. The acquisition of Aghanim's Shard bestows upon Shackles a heightened capacity for destruction, either by inflicting grievous harm in the throes of battle or by subjugating enemy minions to hasten the fall of structures.

Character lore

In his fledgling years, Rhasta was but a famished stripling when a roving charlatan took him under his wing. Together, they meandered from hamlet to hamlet, weaving illusions for coin. Inevitably, their history of deceit ensnared them, as a horde of defrauded victims descended upon them in retribution. The charlatan met his demise, and in that dire moment, Rhasta tapped into the sinister aspects of his craft, annihilating the assailants. He interred his fallen mentor and now wields his mystical arts as weapons against those who dare cross his path.



Offhand Weapons