Vengeful Spirit

Vengeful Spirit






Character description

Vengeful Spirit, an entity of ranged combat, excels in agility. Predominantly, this hero thrives in a supportive capacity, showcasing peak efficiency during the mid-phase of the skirmish.

Role description

Vengeful Spirit, a nimble combatant, has the potential to evolve into an additional core through the empowerment of the Vengeance Aura. This endowment not only augments her own prowess but also that of her proximate comrades. With the strategic acquisition of Aghanim's Scepter, she gains the formidable ability to persist in conflict post-mortem, rendering her an invaluable ally poised for the vanguard. In the throes of battle, she often emerges as the vanguard, utilizing Nether Swap to sow chaos within enemy ranks or to extricate a comrade from peril. The Magic Missile hampers foes' attempts at flight, and with the Aghanim's Shard, its efficacy in large-scale confrontations is magnified. Wave of Terror serves as an effective tool against conjurers and those who wield illusions, while concurrently offering supplemental reconnaissance within its zone of influence, a boon during siege scenarios.

Character lore

Embodiment of retribution, Vengeful Spirit was once a noble and fierce member of the Skywrath lineage. Shendelzare met with treachery at the hands of her kin, an act that stripped her of her wings. Refusing to accept a fate of grounded infirmity, she renounced her mortal shell for an eternal specter of vengeful energy.