Braid of Fiery Curls

Braid of Fiery Curls


Appearance history

The Braid of Fiery Curls, an item of Uncommon distinction, is presently procurable for exchange.

Skin Features

Enveloping Lina in a fiery embrace, the Braid of Fiery Curls entered the fray of the game on the 16th of December, 2013, a creation sprung from the imagination of Yi.

Skin popularity

Whilst the Braid of Fiery Curls enjoys a coveted position amongst the pantheon of sought-after skins, its exorbitant cost renders it a rare spectacle within the game's battles.

Relevant Prices for Braid of Fiery Curls

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Current price
$ 0.01

Other sets for Lina

24 Total: 1 Arcana, 2 Common, 9 Rare, 7 Uncommon, 5 Mythical