The Scarlet Flare Head

The Scarlet Flare Head






Appearance history

Enshrouded in vibrant vermilion, The Scarlet Flare Head serves as an ornamental guise for Lina. This particular epidermis made its debut in the digital realm on the 7th of December in the year 2019, a creation sprung from the imaginative wellspring of an artisan known as ChiZ.

Skin Features

Esteemed as a 'Rare' collectible, The Scarlet Flare Head adorns the 'head' slot when donned. It boasts a singular alternative style, a testament to its bespoke nature. As of the current epoch, the item remains elusive, shrouded in exclusivity, and hence, beyond the grasp of commerce.

Skin popularity

In the current gaming milieu, The Scarlet Flare Head is seldom witnessed upon the battlefield, its presence a rarity. It does not grace the compendium of widely coveted skins, its allure known but to a discerning few.

Included in set

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