Appearance history

The item known as Ancient Armor Helmet carries the distinction of 'Rare.' Presently, it beckons to enthusiasts and collectors alike, as it is up for acquisition.

Skin Features

Enveloping the form of Morphling, the Ancient Armor Helmet serves as a cosmetic guise. Its inception into the virtual ether occurred on the 24th of September in the year 2013, birthed from the creative crucible of an artisan known as Titus.

Skin popularity

Given its recent introduction into the digital arena, the Ancient Armor Helmet basks in the limelight, currying favor among the assembly of the game's aficionados.

Relevant Prices for Ancient Armor Helmet

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Current price
$ 0.03

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Other sets for Morphling

16 Total: 3 Common, 1 Immortal, 5 Rare, 4 Uncommon, 3 Mythical