Harsh Sojourn

Harsh Sojourn








Appearance history

The Harsh Sojourn cloaks the Phantom Lancer in a guise of enigmatic allure. This particular attire was woven into the fabric of the game on the penultimate day of November in the year 2017, a creation birthed from the imaginative forge of style_d.

Skin Features

Cloaked in the shroud of Mythical rarity, Harsh Sojourn stands devoid of mutable styles. As of the current epoch, the garment remains ensconced beyond the reach of commerce, elusive to those who seek to possess it through trade.

Skin popularity

In the grand theatre of virtual battles, the Harsh Sojourn garners but a whisper of attention, its presence on the battlefield a rare spectacle, seldom witnessed amidst the clash of digital titans.

Relevant Prices for Harsh Sojourn

Relevant prices for skin on vpesports are listed below.

Lance of Harsh Sojourn
Pauldrons of Harsh Sojourn
Mask of Harsh Sojourn
Belt of Harsh Sojourn
Arms of Harsh Sojourn
$ 0.02
$ 0.18
$ 0.05
$ 0.22
$ 0.17

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