Appearance history

The 'Humble Drifter' possesses the classification of Rare, occupying the 'Bundle' niche upon adorning. Presently, the article is procurable for exchange.

Skin Features

The 'Humble Drifter' serves as a guise for the Phantom Lancer. This cosmetic was inducted into the game's pantheon on the twenty-fourth of February in the year 2015, a brainchild of the artisan known as Don Don.

Skin popularity

The 'Humble Drifter' enjoys a considerable measure of esteem within the gaming milieu, frequently showcased in the virtual battlegrounds.

Relevant Prices for Humble Drifter

Relevant prices for skin on vpesports are listed below.

Humble Drifter Bracers
Humble Drifter Pants
Humble Drifter Oar
Humble Drifter Garb
Humble Drifter Hat
$ 0.01
$ 0.01
$ 0.01
$ 0.01
$ 0.01

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