Reminiscence of Dreams

Reminiscence of Dreams


Appearance history

The 'Reminiscence of Dreams' holds the prestigious Legendary status and, when adorned, occupies the “Bundle” niche. Presently, the article is procurable and can be exchanged.

Skin Features

The 'Reminiscence of Dreams' garb, a distinctive sheath for Puck, entered the realm of the game on the 23rd of June, 2014, a creation of the esteemed DotaFX.

Skin popularity

Given its recent introduction to the virtual domain, the 'Reminiscence of Dreams' attire enjoys a burgeoning vogue amidst the gaming fellowship.

Relevant Prices for Reminiscence of Dreams

Relevant prices for skin on vpesports are listed below.

Orb of Reminiscence
Tail of Reminiscence
Wings of Reminiscence
$ 0.29
$ 0.01
$ 0.05

Other sets for Puck

12 Total: 6 Mythical, 1 Legendary, 5 Rare