Secrets of the Celestial Arms

Secrets of the Celestial Arms






Appearance history

The enigmatic 'Secrets of the Celestial Arms' serves as an ornamental guise for the Skywrath Mage. This particular attire was bequeathed upon the virtual realm on the 14th of August, in the year 2020, through the imaginative prowess of an entity known as Zipfinator.

Skin Features

Classified under the 'Mythical' tier, the 'Secrets of the Celestial Arms' adorns the 'arms' category when donned. This attire is singular in its manifestation, lacking any semblance of alternate styles. Presently, the item is sequestered from the bazaar of trades.

Skin popularity

In the current epoch, the 'Secrets of the Celestial Arms' finds itself absent from the compendium of coveted skins, its presence within the game a rare spectacle indeed.

Included in set

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