Keeper of Oblivion

Keeper of Oblivion






Appearance history

The 'Keeper of Oblivion' attire, an exclusive garb for the Templar Assassin, made its debut in the digital armory on the 12th of November, 2020. Its inception sprang from the creative wellspring of an artist known as .nullf.

Skin Features

Esteemed as 'Rare' in its scarcity, the 'Keeper of Oblivion' attire eschews the existence of variant styles. Presently, the garment remains elusive, beyond the reach of commerce and exchange.

Skin popularity

In the current epoch, the 'Keeper of Oblivion' ensemble finds itself absent from the annals of coveted skins, its presence within the virtual battlegrounds a seldom spectacle.

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22 Total: 10 Mythical, 11 Rare, 1 Uncommon