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Here you can see the skin MAC-10 | Heat, select weapon quality and float.

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Description of Heat

Appearance history

The MAC-10 | Heat, a tapestry of incandescent design, emerged into the virtual armory on the 20th of February, 2014. It was part of the illustrious Phoenix Collection, unfurled in tandem with the advent of Operation Phoenix, and sprung from the creative wellspring of an individual known as joop.

Pattern description

Segments of the armament are encircled by a corona of yellow-orange, bestowing upon it the semblance of molten metal, fervently aglow.

Effect of float

The Float Value for the MAC-10 | Heat oscillates between 0.00 and 1.00, ensuring its availability across the spectrum of conditions. Even when freshly minted, in Factory New attire, the weapon bears minuscule marks of wear. As the wear encroaches upon the upper echelons, the abrasions proliferate modestly in both magnitude and number, casting the weapon into a deeper shade.

Pattern difference

The pattern index, a numerical scribe of uniqueness, holds no sway over the MAC-10 | Heat's fiery visage.

Skin Features

Nestled within the category of Restricted, the MAC-10 | Heat boasts not only a connection to the 'Heat' series but also the availability of a StatTrak variant, tracking triumphs with numerical reverence.

Skin popularity

In the current epoch, the MAC-10 | Heat garners a reputation of middling renown amongst its kin.

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Relevant Prices for MAC-10

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Factory New
Minimal Wear
$ 5.34
$ 3.37
$ 2.36
$ 1.93
$ 1.93
★ StatTrak™
$ 15.29
$ 7.81
$ 3.86
$ 3.58
$ 3.47


Operation Phoenix Weapon Case

13 Total: 3 Covert, 4 Classified, 5 Restricted, 5 Mil Spec