SSG 08 | Slashed

SSG 08 | Slashed

The Huntsman Collection

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Description of Slashed

Appearance history

The SSG 08 | Slashed emerged into the virtual armory on the first day of May in the year 2014, accompanying the release of The Huntsman Collection as part of the 'The Hunt Begins' update. Its conception is attributed to the creative minds of EmKay and .red.

Pattern description

Enveloping the rifle's chassis is a midnight hue, embellished with a series of tangerine streaks that mimic the ferocity of feral scratches. The weapon's barrel, stock, and sundry minute components remain untouched by the brush's tint.

Effect of float

The Float Value for this skin spans from 0.15 to 0.80, rendering the SSG 08 | Slashed obtainable in a spectrum of conditions, with the exceptions of Factory New and Minimal Wear. Notably, even at Field-Tested status, the firearm's surface bears the scars of initial wear. As the wear approaches its zenith, the paint is effaced from over half of the surface.

Pattern difference

Influence of the pattern index is solely on the texture's placement; this skin lacks the presence of any extraordinary or rare pattern deviations.

Skin Features

The SSG 08 | Slashed boasts a Mil-Spec Grade quality and offers the possibility of a StatTrak variant.

Skin popularity

Currently, the SSG 08 | Slashed enjoys a reputation of moderate acclaim amongst enthusiasts.

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Huntsman Weapon Case

21 Total: 2 Contraband, 3 Covert, 5 Classified, 6 Restricted, 10 Mil Spec