Skywrath Mage

Skywrath Mage






Character description

Skywrath Mage, an entity of arcane prowess, excels as a distant combatant. His essence thrives on intellect, and he is predominantly selected as a sovereign of the middle lane. His dominion extends with vigor into the twilight of the match.

Role description

Endowed with prodigious mystical might, Skywrath Mage flourishes in both solitary skirmishes and collective clashes. The Arcane Bolt, a tool of oppression, vexes adversaries in the formative stages and retains its potency in the waning hours of conflict, its force amplified by the hero's cerebral attribute. Concussive Shot serves a dual purpose: decimating minions and thwarting the retreat of foes in battle. Ancient Seal magnifies any sorcerous onset, while Mystic Flare can obliterate a target with near immediacy, a terror that persists into the endgame. The acquisition of Aghanim's Shard bestows upon him the Shield of the Scion, a passive boon for protracted engagements. Furthermore, the Aghanim's Scepter is a talisman of destruction, doubling the devastation wrought in tumultuous team fights, an investment of paramount importance as the game reaches its zenith.

Character lore

Bound by an oath to shield the sovereign within the Nest of Thorns, Dragonus harbors a profound abhorrence for the reigning Skywrath matron. He is consumed by visions of resurrecting the slain princess Shendelzare to her erstwhile corporeal splendor. The dichotomy of his station at the royal court is a source of torment for his magnanimous spirit; yet, the most excruciating agony is wrought by the thought of the enmity Vengeful Spirit must nurture towards him.