Death Prophet

Death Prophet






Character description

Death Prophet, a character who excels at ranged combat, boasts intelligence as her primary attribute. Predominantly, she assumes the role of a midlaner, showcasing her prowess in the game's intermediate and latter stages.

Role description

Death Prophet is recognized as a robust and resilient combatant, her vitality augmented by the Spirit Siphon ability, enabling her to hold the vanguard. The acquisition of Aghanim's Shard transmutes this skill into an offensive asset against adversaries. Her prowess is evident during the laning phase, courtesy of Crypt Swarm, which facilitates the annihilation of creeps and accelerates her accumulation of resources. The aptly named Silence skill proves invaluable throughout various junctures of conflict, incapacitating opponents dependent on their abilities. Her ultimate, Exorcism, empowers Death Prophet to obliterate enemy fortifications and inflict damage upon multiple foes simultaneously. Should she obtain Aghanim's Scepter, the hero will unleash spirits with every strike.

Character lore

The soothsayer Krobelus, once a harbinger of destiny for the opulent seeking glimpses beyond mortality's shroud, eventually turned the divinatory arts upon herself, yearning to unravel the enigmatic tapestry of her own demise. Yet, the cryptic chasm of death, obstinate in its silence, would not divulge its arcane secrets. In an act of audacious defiance, Krobelus surrendered her being to the void's embrace, driven by the singular prophecy that remained elusive: the foretelling of an epoch wherein the Death Prophet would traverse the veil of death, never to emerge again.




Ability Ultimates